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professionals better themselves
Spatial computing is transforming how we work and empowering teams across every industry:
Manufacturing, Training and Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Public Safety, Security and Defence,
Automotive, and more. Read the Real Stories shared by some of our clients to learn more....
Risk management
Risk management
Helping heroes Fighting fire with fire
Giving Firefighters access to more hands-on learning and rescue training situations so that they can augment their skills set individually and as a team.
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Team collaboration
Team Collaboration
Safer communities There’s no “I” in team
Helping cross-functional emergency response teams improve response times in life-like virtual environments and authentic crisis management training situations.

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Safe spaces
Safe spaces
Saving lives When health means wealth
Providing health professionals with a virtually optimized and immersive stress-reducing program to help prevent burnout—an increasing challenge in this highly stressful environment.
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Predictive maintenance
Predictive maintenance
Increased productivity Happy workers
Helping aircraft technicians easily locate defects on A220 composite parts using Augmented Reality, Digital Twins, and Machine Learning algorithms.
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