Create anything,
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Immersion for all
Create anything,
experience everything
Immersion for all
Immersion for
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Reshaping reality
OVA is a pioneer recognized as a leader in AI-enabled immersive software technology development around the globe. Our extensive Spatial Computing experience has enabled our customers to implement XR to their daily activities to simplify and streamline their processes and business operations. Whether it's education, employee training simulations, prototyping, or visualizations, we'll empower your teams no matter what the challenge might be.
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Always better together
At OVA, we believe augmented and virtual reality will transform the way teams collaborate as they explore new ideas and unleash their true potential. When technology is applied to empower and extend human capabilities, amazing things happen. Let's work together to make a difference!
Trusted by industry leaders
With access to some of the top academic labs in Canada, OVA has developed virtual and augmented reality experiences for clients such as Bombardier, the Royal Canadian Navy, Hydro-Québec, and Northwell Health, New York's largest hospital network.

Great experiences drive our modern lives, and at OVA, we'll create immersive experiences for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality that are not only valuable, but memorable, enjoyable, and easy to use. Get in touch and we'll help you bring your ideas to life! 
Creativity unlimited
Create collaborative Spaces, rich simulations, and visualize the world around you like never before, without code.
StellarX, by OVA, is the ultimate XR creation platform used by business professionals across various industries. StellarX empowers professionals to become the best version of themselves by improving team collaboration and streamlining business operations. With customizable, hands-on, and life-like immersive skill-building simulations, learning, training, prototyping, and collaboration is far more engaging and meaningful!
We take our work to heart
Because making a difference is rewarding.

Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology
Brandon Hall Group
Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology
Brandon Hall Group
Outstanding Contribution Award
Virtual Reality Conference
Shines Internationally
CCI Quebec
Augmented World Expo (AWE)
of the Year

Military and Government Games - Bronze

Serious Play Awards
Helping professionals better themselves
Spatial computing is transforming how we work and empowering teams across every industry: Manufacturing, Training and Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Public Safety, Security and Defence, Automotive, and more. Read case studies and Real Stories shared by some of our clients....
Helping heroes Fighting fire with fire
Giving Firefighters access to more hands-on learning and rescue training situations so that they can augment their skills set individually and as a team.
Learn more
Safer communities There’s no “I” in team
Helping cross-functional emergency response teams improve response times in life-like virtual environments and authentic crisis management training situations.
Learn more
Saving lives When health means wealth
Providing health professionals with a virtually optimized and immersive stress-reducing program to help prevent burnout—an increasing challenge in this highly stressful environment.
Learn more
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What others are saying  
Kind words from our beloved clients.
Training firefighters through the use of mixed-reality promises quicker, better and more economical results for Tactik 360—and faster ground operation afterwards.
—Yannick Desruisseaux, CEO
This is how today’s Bombardier is operating. This is a prime example of how innovation will help our operator meet their true potential.
—Buu Khanh Vo, R&D Specialist
The most relaxing cup of coffee you’ll ever have (without the side effects)...
—Suzanne N., Research Coordinator
This success will make the entire region of Quebec shine, and highlights the quality of local innovations and specialized trades in our city.
—Régis Labeaume, Québec City Mayor
StellarX is a game changer when it comes to exploring the potential of VR.
—Jeffrey Solomon, Director
The practical and authentic immersive experiences exposed the teams to complex environments [...] otherwise difficult to replicate or access.
—Jean-Pierre Verville, Project Manager
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