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Virtual presence
Comprehensive care Cutting through the noise
In collaboration with the Philippe-Pinel Institute, a mental health research center located in Montreal, OVA has developed a Virtual Reality experience for those living with Schizophrenia, which empowers them to face their hallucinations and develop coping strategies that work. 
Using StellarX, patients can bring their inner voices to life via the creation of a customized avatar figure, which Doctors can then use as a therapeutic coping tool. In addition to gaining valuable insight as to these hallucinations, the virtual renderings can also be shared with loved ones to help them gain a better understanding as to how Schizophrenia is impacting the patient. 
A personalized approach
Finding a solution that is adaptable to each patient
In collaboration with Scientists and Researchers at the Philippe-Pinel Institute, our team has developed a customizable therapeutic XR experience that is beneficial to Doctors, patients, and their loved ones.

Using StellarX, patients and therapists can work together to bring the entity responsible for their hallucinations to life via an avatar that they can both interact with in a Virtual Reality setting. Doing so empowers patients to play an active role in their own therapy as they learn to apply various coping strategies in a context that is authentic, adapted, and relevant to the actual situations they face in real-life.
Face to face
Before the session, patients describe what they usually see and hear to a design technician. Their demons then come to life before their eyes, forcing them to confront hallucinations head-on and to eventually develop effective defense mechanisms.
A real breakthrough
This approach provides health professionals with a unique opportunity to interact with patients via a third-party, which is significantly valuable and insightful from a relational and data collection standpoint. Plus, the visual and auditory simulation renderings are used to educate the partient’s families and friends about living with Schizophrenia, which gives them a better understanding as to the reality faced by their loved one.
Having the ability to challenge hallucinations while being assisted through various exercises has proven to be transformative for many patients. After just 6 sessions with a psychiatrist, most of the 19 patients involved in the pilot project have seen a significant improvement and feel like they are better equipped to cope with the voices heard. In an article published by CBC, Montreal Schizophrenia Patients Face Their Demons Through Virtual Reality, one patient mentioned, “the voices have diminished from 80 to 90 per cent” and firmly believed that such therapy has helped him return to his regular work and social activities.  

More self-confidence
Improved relationships
Better understanding
Efficient coping methods
The voices have diminished from 80 to 90 percent.
Richard Breton, Patient
The results of the six-session virtual-reality pilot project show great promise in treating even the most intractable cases of schizophrenia.
Dr. Alexandre Dumas, Psychiatrist and Researcher at the Philippe-Pinel Institute
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