Unleash your creativity on an infinite canvas
Create collaborative Spaces, rich simulations, and visualize
the world around you like never before, without code.
Down-to-earth technology
Fully compatible. Always accessible.
Collaboration should be simple, straightforward, and effective. StellarX empowers business professionals across industries to better themselves with immersive AI-enabled experiences. Simply drag-and-drop, grab and go, point and click, or set it and forget it. You name it, consider it done—without code.

Plus, StellarX is fully-functional across platforms and connected to your favorite devices. See for yourself...
StellarX - Create collaborative spaces & rich simulations without code | Product Hunt
Beginner or not, with powerful drag-and-drop functionalities it’s easy to build immersive Spaces and experiences.
Keep it private, invite only, or make it public. Right from the Base Camp portal, you can adjust settings for each of your Spaces.
Get started with templates, or build environments from scratch. Bring your world to life with our assets or import your own.
Create realms, visualize designs, build learning experiences, or complex multiplayer Spaces with our visual scripting tools.
Something for everyone...
Create an immersive Space that’s totally yours. Use XR to simulate industry-specific environments that are relevant to your field or to make the inaccessible more accessible.

Start from scratch or use a template to make each Space your own. Decorate with StellarX assets or import your favorites.
Your space, your way!
Anyone, anywhere, any time.
Collaborate with others in real-time from anywhere at anytime in shared Spaces via your avatar.

Take multi-user sessions to the next level: interact with others, learn together, train as a team, prototype and visualize, or offer remote assistance. Immersive collaboration reduces the need to travel, which is better for the environment.
Always better together.
From screen to scene.
Bring your content to life with Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality.

Visualize data in a spatial context to make the numbers more meaningful, review and annotate design prototypes as a team, experiment with new concepts in a safe environment, and showcase or demonstrate ideas at a scale. StellarX experiences make the intangible, more tangible.
So real, It’s unreal.
Immersive skill-building.
Augment your team with hands-on training scenarios, replicate high-risk environments that are otherwise difficult to access, onboard new employees with learning experiences, and offer step-by-step guidance or instructions to help others overcome challenging tasks.

Track performance, collect biometric data, and analyze results to help individuals improve and work better as a team.
Oh, the places you’ll go!
Safe and sound
No limits. No boundaries.
Designed with privacy in mind, stay in control from beginning to end with personalized settings and endless customization options.

Offline or online; no cloud, no problem. Rest assured, your data is always safe and secure.
Never alone
Meet Baer, your True North.
We believe in applying machine learning to make the end-to-end creation process as simple and accessible as possible. Baer, our virtual assistant, helps StellarX users bring ideas to life with personalized 3D asset recommendations, intuitive shape recognition, and even voice recognition so that you can easily communicate your ideas and make requests. Co-create with Baer, powered by artificial intelligence, and build immersive worlds without code. Let Baer take care of the mindless and laborious work so that you can focus on what it is you're best at: creating immersive experiences!

Please note that Baer is not currently available to the public. However, in the meantime, we invite you to get in touch for any questions, and be sure to check out the helpdesk.​
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