Low cost

  • Reduce the square footage needed for training
  • Eliminate consumable goods costs
  • Avoid downtime for your production assets


  • Reduce human error in task completion with sense-memory leverage
  • Make training safety a concrete reality


  • Train your staff anywhere, with or without an internet connection
  • Cut down on travel costs for your more experienced trainers

Data focused

  • Track employee progress in real-time
  • Evaluate their readiness based on precise metrics to improve their safety once on the job site

What's XR?

XR is an umbrella term for all the current immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). All these technologies extend the reality we experience by either blending the real and virtual worlds, or by creating a completely new immersive experience. This makes XR an extremely effective training technology, applicable for a wide range of industries.

Advantages of XR training

Real-life practice

Simulating real-life situations provides professionals with valuable field experience in a wide range of industries, which helps them develop the required skills a lot quicker than with traditional training methods. Ultimately, they are more productive, more effective, and less expensive to train. 

Real-life risk

Virtual Reality can simulate life-threatening situations faced by workers with a realism that could not be safely reproduced using standard training methods. It is imperative that workers facing these particular situations (e.g. explosions, underground fires) have developed the right reflexes to face them.

Real-life environment

Professionals can explore immersive environments, such as mines or construction sites, and interact as they please. Whether it’s modifying objects, moving elements, or pulling up data; engineers can work alone, or collaborate as a team. 
Learning Pyramid

How it works

Working with us is so easy...
We’ve streamlined the design and creation process to its
simplest form in order for you to obtain the best results, faster.
1. Planning
1. Planning
Identify the key processes and plan the ideal virtual training environments
We identify the processes that are critical for training your staff, which will be used to plan the creation of the required virtual environments. This includes learning the job basics, reviewing traditional educational resources, and consulting with industry experts.
2. Creation
2. Creation
We create all the required elements for the virtual training experience
We create all the elements required to replicate your training environments and that will make the simulation immersive, engaging and, thus, effective. This includes the creation of the 3D models, diagrams, drawings, photos, and more. Those 3D objects and environments will then become your own assets, reusable anytime.
3. Analytics
3. Analytics
Obtain measurable results
The rich data provided by those immersive training simulations can later be processed into analytics that will provide a clear understanding of your staff training evolution and performance.
Our Promise
Train your staff faster and more cost effectively than with conventional methods
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Case studies

With over 8 years of experience, OVA has helped organisations in a wide range of industries.

Client: Tactik360

Download PDF

Client: The Royal Canadian Navy

Download PDF

Client: Hydro-Québec

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What others are saying

Kind words from our beloved clients.
Training firefighters through the use of mixed-reality promises quicker, better and more economical results for Tactik 360—and faster ground operation afterwards.
—Yannick Desruisseaux, CEO
This is how today’s Bombardier is operating. This is a prime example of how innovation will help our operator meet their true potential.
—Buu Khanh Vo, R&D Specialist
The most relaxing cup of coffee you’ll ever have (without the side effects)...
—Suzanne N., Research Coordinator
This success will make the entire region of Quebec shine, and highlights the quality of local innovations and specialized trades in our city.
—Régis Labeaume, Québec City Mayor
StellarX is a game changer when it comes to exploring the potential of VR.
—Jeffrey Solomon, Director
The practical and authentic immersive experiences exposed the teams to complex environments [...] otherwise difficult to replicate or access.
—Jean-Pierre Verville, Project Manager
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