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Create collaborative Spaces, rich simulations, and visualize
the world around you like never before, without code.
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Collaboration should be simple, straightforward, and effective. StellarX empowers business professionals across industries to better themselves with immersive AI-enabled experiences. Simply drag-and-drop, grab and go, point and click, or set it and forget it. You name it, consider it done—without code.

Plus, StellarX is fully-functional across platforms and connected to your favorite devices. See for yourself...
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Technology made simple
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At first, StellarX was developed internally for our OVA team, until we realized how powerful and game-changing it was. The technology applied empowers XR creators to explore virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

Today, StellarX’s code-less technology allows you to create AR/VR experiences, regardless of your technical background. Not to mention, you can also view our online video tutorials to easily get started.

To learn more about our history and the progress we’re continuing to make, check out the timeline below for a stroll down memory lane and to get a glimpse at our public roadmap...
What's inside
The Base Camp functions like your home base, from which you can transition from one reality to another or from Space to Space.

Access templates, create Spaces, and visit shared ones you’ve been invited to join. Everything you need can be found in your Base Camp!
Spaces allow creators and players to share virtual experiences for immersive collaboration, co-creation, learning, planning, or even providing remote assistance.Bridge the distance gap with StellarX Spaces and provide a true sense of presence with custom-built Spaces or templates you can work off from.
Multiplayer Sessions
Share your StellarX experiences with others! Collaborate in real-time when you create or play, and join multi-user sessions with a secure access code. StellarX is a virtual extension of your workplace ー a space where dispersed, high-performance teams come together to learn, share, plan, and create.
3D Avatars
With an embodied avatar for virtual presence, watch as others move around the Space. Thanks to headpose and hand tracking capabilities, the avatars mimic life-like non-verbal communication cues, which makes virtual co-presence feel much more real than audio calls and video conferencing. Plus, since the spatialized audio is relative to the avatar’s position in Space, it takes collaboration to another dimension.
Import your 3D models or digital twins to the Collections with ease, or import entire worlds that you can continue to edit on your own, or share with others. Imported assets and Spaces can be remixed for next-level customization.In addition to uploading your own content, your creations can just as easily be exported when you’re all done for ultimate portability.
Immersive Tools
Fully equipped with a comprehensive collaboration toolkit, StellarX allows team members to present, brainstorm with free-hand 3D drawing, co-create with grab-and-place functionalities, and take virtual notes with an immersive keyboard; all of which facilitate meetings in dynamic real-time spaces. Our intuitive tools offer depth for those seeking advanced customization.
Spacialized Audio
StellarX’s 3D spatial audio efficiently creates the same feel, which you have when having a discussion with other people in a real space with voice over IP. This is achieved with proper directionality to the sounds and voices, and attenuation audio volume falling off with distance
Visual Scripting
With integrated visual scripting capabilities, anybody can create animations, trigger mechanisms, play with Physics,  map out scenarios or simulations, regardless of technical ability. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, creating immersive experience has never been this easy.
Assets and Templates
Start with a Space Template to easily build your immersive world, and bring it to life with assets of all sorts. With access to our ever-growing infinite StellarX Asset Collections, you can experiment with basic Shapes, or personalize your Space with furniture, buildings, environmental decor, digital twins and more!
Join from your favorite devices
Because StellarX plays nice with others.
More than just a one-trick pony, StellarX is wide-ranging and multidimensional in that its technology can be applied to varying contexts and used at different stages.
Creatives use StellarX to brainstorm as a team, experiment, and visualize ideas in an immersive context. StellarX also allows creative teams to perfect prototype designs with rapid iteration, which is less costly and time consuming than running the production line to test a potential product. With StellarX, creatives can easily and quickly create virtual mockups and samples, which they can all interact with in real-time, together.
Not only can 3D Artists bring Spaces to life with imported assets, but StellarX also enables them to remix elements for next-level personalization. Collaborative in nature, interdisciplinary teams can work together in shared Spaces simultaneously; while creative teams create dynamic Spaces, Subject-Matter Experts and Pedagogical Professionals focus on crafting unique narratives for the training scenarios or simulations.
Given StellarX’s dual nature, players can enjoy the unique experiences developed by its creators. Our integrated user management system, allows creators to manage the roles and permissions of each Spaces they share. In other words, the experiences can be distributed to onboard new employees, train teams, evaluate individuals or groups, and even provide remote assistance to colleagues near and afar.
More than just an app...
With StellarX, OVA offers Software as a Service, which is developed and maintained as a singular, globally-shared and distributed software system that can manage teams of all sizes, Spaces, as well as secure files. All improvements, updates, and bug fixes are shipped to all of our existing customers at the time of every release.

Our team strives to go above and beyond and to exceed expectations. We aim to empower individuals to bring their ideas to life, regardless of technical skill-level or ability. As such, StellarX is always improving and we are always happy to hear feedback from our users.Have an idea, feature suggestion, or comments to share? Please get in touch with our team at hello@stellarx.ai and we promise to get back to you asap! Thanks in advance for the feedback! 👋
Our universe is in expansion and so the StellarX metaverse. Harnessing the power of the Cloud to be highly flexible.
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