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Applying to our Partner Program means that we’ll not only work in close collaboration with you and your team, but you’ll also benefit from partner-specific perks and financial advantages. Have you ever wanted to use XR technology to address your client or operational needs? We’re the one-stop-shop for you.
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StellarX is compatible with the world’s most popular VR and AR headsets, and as such, we’re launching the new Partner & Reseller Program.

Through this program, our goal is to collaborate with top industry leaders, empowering you and your customers to optimize your workflows thanks to Spatial Computing technologies... without the need for a high-tech production team.

Apply now on behalf of your organization to gain access to the StellarX advantage.
Partners & resellers advantages
What you’ll get...
Let us be your XR partner in any and all of your endeavors, all while providing more value added to your clients. Partner with StellarX, to benefit from:
Access to our XR Masterclass, for your entire team
Preferential pricing on custom projects built by our skilled development team
High commissions and financial retribution on referred clients and projects
Exclusive early access to software releases and 1-on-1 integration support
Some qualified partners may be eligible to receive a free StellarX Enterprise license
Working with StellarX opens a whole new world of possibilities for your company, and for your clients, as you’ll have the ability to offer and work with XR technologies within your business unit.
Environmental Health & Safety
VR is a wonderful medium for safety training as it can replicate life-like, high-risk situations otherwise difficult or dangerous to replicate.
Corporate Training and Onboarding
Soft-skills training, internal procedures, and industry-specific tooling can be demonstrated and put into practice over and over again.
Virtual Meetings and Events
Break the social distancing barrier and organize internal events for your team, or host client events in synthetic environments, with realistic avatars.
Below are a few of our partners; some started as clients, and we grew with
them as valuable supply chain partners.
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